Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Little Morning Joyful Surprise

"I must share. I just pulled the card "GRACE" thank you Robin  "...surrendering to the gifts from source" this was so timely. I have been diligently working with Julia Frehner as my coach these last creating with the universe, and watching things transform, guided by Julia’s gentle wisdom, and clear sight (such a joy to work with) and I’m all giddy with excitement right now, due to what I'm seeing and feeling happening. I so believe in manifestation now! I am so grateful that I took Julia up on her coaching offer! If anyone is ready to do this with her, Please do it...even if you don't think you are, do it! This experience has been such a fire under my bum. Thank you beautiful Universal Love Energy for leading me to all of this....

What a way to greet the day!

Waking this morning, checking  mail and messages, one of my gorgeous clients posted this in a group we share. Tears filled my eyes and my heart swelled. 

It is an absolute honor to partner with inspired individuals who are ready and eager (even if they don't know it yet) to transform their amazing lives.

Synchronicity. Every one I'm currently partnering with is experiencing synchronicity. How blessed I am to mingle in as a part of this divine, heavenly process.

Do you know that you, yes you, are a vessel of divine magic? Do you realize you dwell in a Universe filled with limitless possibilities and potential? Do you soak up the warm rays of synchronicity which always shine upon you? Can you feel the power within you wanting to wield? Are you hearing the whisper to create and manifest a greater ideal life for yourself? Stop holding back your innate ability! Let's chat.

The deck she mentions is a collaboration of 38 beautiful and inspired women from several countries of which I humbly participated with. Powerful stories continue to flow in of how the messages and images from this collection have assist, aspire, and inspire. I have a few decks available if you're interested.