Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wacky, Wondrous, What If Wednesday

What inspires and motivates you? What makes your heart sing?

Posting this question on Facebook got only three responses, three very sweet comments. One, from my darling Krysta who said, “Pumpkins and Fall”. The other two mentioned me. “Me” was certainly not where I was going with the questions but it does follow what I was leading to.

 What I was posing and what I am posing here is simply this, “What inspires and motivates you?”

You probably will find your answer doesn’t cost much if anything at all, but it is priceless.

Today, right now, when you state what inspires and motivates you, and yes I want you to state it out loud, claim your motivation and inspiration, be surrounded by whatever it is. As you approach and travel through your Wednesday, seek out your inspiration and motivation.

Are you noticing that which inspires and motivates you really is closer than you thought, closer than you realized?

What if you could go about your daily life and be surrounded, submerged in those things, people, places, happenings which inspire and motivate? Would your heart joyfully sing?

As you crawl into bed at the end of this Wondrous Wednesday, state out loud again and feel deep within your singing heart, gratitude for that which inspired and motivated you today.


I’d love, love, love to hear how this worked for you. Please leave me a comment here or email me or Facebook me or call me…..I’m so over the moon excited to know how this simple act makes your heart sing today.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Elementary School, Memorial Day, A Dolphin's Tail, Gratitude

One of my new favorite things to do is to go into elementary school classrooms and share Winter's Tale. I love reading Winter's story to the kids.  I love how almost every student, even the rough n' tough boys want to give my darling stuffed Winter with her removable prosthetic tail a hug as they depart. I love bringing awareness to amputation and how no matter what befalls us life remains beautiful, we can choose to be happy, and how kindness matters. I love opening up discussion with these amazingly brilliant young people.

Originally I was only going to go in and read to classes during the month of April as it's limb loss awareness month. But, as word got around the readings continued and requests to come in the first of the next school year are being made. This is going to be a really good thing.

The discussion time with the students is, well like I write above, as amazing and brilliant as they are.

A 2nd grader ask, "How do you swim?"

After I explained when I kick I go no where but I have strong arms and I'm learning to free style and I can doggie paddle very well, I said, "But I think I'm going to get a mermaid tail." Oh, the little girls were in awe, they all want a mermaid tail and they wish we could go swim with Winter this summer.

When I first went into the schools I told the teachers, "All questions are open." And, I learned after the first reading, to allow and nudge the thought process...

Right before the end of our time together, one final question from a 5th grader, "Do you have disappointment?"

Wowers, profoundly powerful! I knew this was a moment of responsibility and teachibility. "Yes. Do you have disappointments?" She shook her head affirming and I continued. "We all do. Maybe you don't make the basketball team or you get a 'C' on a test you thought you'd get an 'A' on. Maybe your parents are going through divorce. We all experience disappointment in life but disappointments, failures, even successes don't define us but they can refine us, they can make us better."

Last Friday I had about 60 2nd graders followed by that many 3rd graders. The discussions went across the board without a lull. Some of the questions were,  how do you get dressed, has your hand ever slipped into the toilet when you get on to go potty, how do you drive, do people make fun of you, why didn't you black out, what is it to black out, yeah, why didn't you black out, what did your legs look like right after you got ran over....then at the close of my time with them one more question from a 3rd grader, "If you could go back in time would you change what happened?"

This weekend, Memorial Day, marks the 16th year of my accident. For the past few days I have contemplated this question. I can see the innocent face of the young boy who asked the question, the way he cocked his head waiting for my response. It's a question I have often asked myself but had not ever been asked it by someone else in such a pure way before. My response remains,"I am so very human and if I would have no memory of what I have experienced I probably wouldn't have gone to the construction yard that night and open the gate. But, being here with you, knowing what I know now, having had wonderful experiences and meeting the wonderful people I have, no, I wouldn't go back and change anything."

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to read Winter's Tail to kids. I am deeply grateful for the next generation of individuals. I am deeply grateful for Winter and her story, her happy face...I am deeply grateful for this life experience and how it has lead me to mix and mingle with the people I have...I am deeply grateful for the refining process even as I continue to ooze with humanness...I am deeply grateful for what my feet and legs had done for me, the places they took me, their service for me while with me. I am grateful to have run, to have felt squishy mud between my toes, to have had tall summer grass tickle my ankles, to have studied ballet...And, I am grateful for all that is yet to be...

Photo: This face is sure to brighten your day! Help us #Caption this adorable pic of Winter striking a pose for the camera!
You can go to for updates on this gorgeous girl.
This photo fills me with joy. What I see in her is what I feel in me.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wacky Wondrous Whatever Wednesday

"When you understand who and what you are,
your radiance projects into the Universal radiance
and everything around you becomes creative
and full of opportunity."
Yogi Bhajan
Don't you love this quote? Read it and reread it. Soak it in. Let it pentrate your very being. Understanding who you, who I, who we are is simple yet complex. But if we simply sit at the seat of our own Universe and listen from the root of our own Soul and then allow our actions, words, thoughts, to occur from that space of our Being, well then, I believe we are radiating. I believe we actively create, seeing and seizing our boundles opportunities. And, as the tomorrows come we will naturally begin to flow, dance, eminate, move from this Divine, Glorious, BeautyFull state. Don't fight it, don't worry about it, don't doubt it, just go, begin to see yourself from the great Universe within, there is so much more to you than meets the eye. You are Love in the puriest state, yes you are. Go there and simply open up, allow your radiance to project, to shine and I promise Whatever befalls you you will still see how Wondrous your Wednesday is.