Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


I am interested in your life, your story, your journey and I desire for you ~

v  To recognize your pristine divinity; you are a child of God, the Universe, Creative Source, etc. who is loved beyond measure.

v  To view the endless possibilities you dwell in and seize them.

v  To bravely unshackle your full creativity and potential.

v  To awaken to the knowledge that all things can be made purposeful and that you are of great importance and purpose; no one else can fulfill that which you are called to do.

v  To know you are limitless; you joined this world without a ceiling, therefore, yes, you are limitless.

v  To receive and use, with meaningful gratitude, the constant flow of gifts of which God, the Universe, Creative Source, etc. has for you.

v  To meet, befriend, become partners with the beautiful one you are seeking; You.

v  To fall deeper and deeper in love with your life; your perfect, joyful, radiant journey of life.

 “Believe in loves infinite journey, for it is your own, for you are love. Love is Life.” ~ Rumi

I am here for you, to cheer you on, be your greatest fan, to guide you as you dream, create, fly!
All the while, keeping it so simple.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back Home

Have you ever had something you thought was so right, even though it was something you've been wrestling with, something that some how just wasn't jiving no matter which way you approached it and then in an awaking moment it becomes so simple, so clear; it's just not right?

For over a month I've really been wanting my other blogspot, to come alive, take off, fly, but there was always a sense of resistance, a feeling that it wasn't me. Oh, the collage I created for it is me, the writings posted there are me, I am grateful for the readers who have ventured there for me, and the resistance, wrestling of the site was, is me, but for what and why I couldn't figure out until this morning.

Waking up this morning I truly had an awaking, a wide awake clarity of what my problem has been, why the resistance ~ "keep it so simple." That's it, I'm failing to keep it so simple! I felt with my new play ground of life coaching, starting over without my knee, getting back into training, a new year, on and on, that somehow I had to start a new site, a new place, but the new place never felt like home. Inside I was missing this place. And, with how difficult everything has been over the past 6 months with the surgeries, my loss, work, learning to stand, attempting to walk, on and on, I thought this, writing, sharing, connecting had to somehow be a bit more difficult too, that so much was starting over, this, my space, my place, had to start over when simply I needed to pick up right where I am and start.

So, here I am, back home, where I should have remained. The posts prior to dreamcreatefly are what brought me to there and from there to here and here to where I am and where I am going, there, here, where, it's all connected, extensions, part of the whole of my adventurous, amazing, crazy, wild, beautiful life.

The parts are never greater than the sum and my parts are made up of dreaming, creating, flying. It's in the flying, no, from the soar, when I can look down and view the whole. From this perspective I can see clearly that life simply comes with its share of challenges, or invitations as I prefer. I don't need to make life any more arduous, I am free to simply choose to keep so simple.

But, we're still going to dream and dream big and take those dreams to create wonders and spread our gorgeous wings and fly then soar and glide taking in the amazing view of life. Welcome Home!