Friday, August 1, 2014

My deepest apologies to anyone who has ventured here. I missed you. 

Please visit my new space where you can keep up with all my silly writings and goings on.

Life continues to remain beautiful especially while keeping it so simple.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Practices or Simply Connectedness

It’s now two weeks post surgery from revision of the distal end of my right leg and repair of a complete tear on my right shoulder repair. Over the past 17 years there’s been numerous surgeries, 5 within the last 2 years alone.  Recovery’s road is not unfamiliar ground to me but implementing 3 new practices in the last 3 years has made the expedition far more tolerable and healing much greater not only physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


 I    Incorporating the Ideal Life Vision program has taken me leaps and bounds in honing in with clarity my dreams and setting and accomplishing my goals. Personally there have been and continue to be powerful and successful shifts in my life thus it is the base program I use with clients. While this is a little plug for Keeping It So Simple it is more of a thank you to Lauri Cox for introducing me the program and Ann Webb for its creation. Recognizing and honoring my Vision as a living document of me and remaining persistent and consistent has brought more awareness to my limitless possibilities and potential and healing.

        As my life has spanned so has my prayer and meditation. The past several years I sought assistance for energy therapy guided by some spectacular practitioners. This type of healing work has brought up a lot of stuff, a surfacing of things, as well as satisfying answers or altering perspectives to a wide range of emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental feelings, thoughts, questions, aches, pains...yeah this is a good juicy practice which brings clarity to a different realm of me. I’m blessed to have worked with Vickie Warner, Pam DiFranco, Shamsi Pettus, Lisa Dieken, and Jill Chesrow. I will continue to work with some of these gifted women as well as continue to expand my own energy work. Like my vision, remaining persistent and consistent to an energy practice offers holistic well being and expands my awareness.

     Pre surgery I was taking another of Connie Hozvicka’s intuitive art classes, Painting the Feminine. Intuitive art is the third practice. I’m deeply grateful to have immersed myself in and Connie’s courses which introduced me to this practice. For several days leading up to surgery this painting kept calling and calling me. While there’s much meaning for me in the process and imagery of this piece, it is the bubble, circle shapes on her head which made me most curious. I resisted, in fact, painted over them at first but inevitably had to give in. This shape reoccurs not just in my work but in several intuitive artists work as well and that’s what drove my curiosity. Pondering this shape the night before surgery I woke with this thought and I’m gonna date myself here, but I thought of Laugh In, a ‘60’s television show filled with hilarious skits. One skit was done by Lilly Tomlin in which she portrayed an operator. She sat in front of switch board plugging and unplugging callers into one another, she was controlling the connections.

T    These 3 practices, this intuitive art piece, these shapes, are about that, our connectedness, our ability to plug into one another. I think at times we become energetically intertwined which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or sometimes it is, there are times when we no longer serve someone or something or they us. The key thing to note is that we are the switchboard operators; we hold all the power to plug in or unplug, to mix and mingle or intertwine. 
      We do not need sojourn this life alone, we are meant for connections. As for me, surgery after surgery then embarking along recovery’s road, I am ever grateful for the connections I have chosen to plug into, family, friends, clients, tribes, teachers….from well wishes, thoughts, prayers to 3 of my kids coming home and helping me out (much love to Heather, Chris, and Audrie), yes grateful for allowing me to plug in and a knowing when to unplug.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thoughts, 1997, Have Your Happy

After 17 years it still happens this way. At some point during the days leading to Memorial Day weekend something will trigger the thought, “What was I doing this day in 1997?” The something though usually has its own little journey leading to the question.

Yesterday, driving south just about to the crest of Blackridge, I notice pieces of a blown, peeled semi tractor trailer tire lying on the side of the road. Not an unusual sight for this stretch of I-15, however it sparked the journey of thought.

A few months back at this location I had one of those intuitive driving moments which we all have and I am ever grateful for acknowledging. I went to pass 2 rigs, passing the first and about to the rear of the next when my gut told me to slow down. Speed reducing, I glanced in my rearview mirror. An in-a-hurry driver was racing up behind me flashing headlights sending me the message “pick up your speed or get out of the way!” There was no way I could merge back into the right lane so, with anxiety I began to accelerate. Again, my intuition said, “Julie, don’t speed up!” Boom! One of the outside tires from the passenger’s side of the flatbed popped, rubber peeling and shredding pieces flying into my lane. I was able to avoid the largest piece which would have done some serious damage. We’ll never know if honoring the gift of intuition saved me or Mr. Speedy behind me but I was ever glad to have listened.
So yesterday, I notice tire remnants, which sparked this memory, which gave me pause to offer thanks for my intuition, which lead me to wonder why I didn’t honor this same divinely inspired intuition the night of my accident, which lead to a question asked by a 4th grader during one of my elementary school readings, “If you could go back in time would you change things and listen to that voice?” Yeah, a 4th grader asked that!

My response to the profound question of this beautiful child, “If I went back to that moment without any knowledge of what I know now other than I’d be run over as a result of not listening, yes, I ooze with humanness, I’d listen and not open that gate. But, knowing what I know, having the experiences I have including the opportunity to be able to visit, share, and bring diversity awareness to people like you, no, I wouldn’t change what happened.”

Driving along yesterday I was lead back to the thought, “What was I doing this day in 1997, the Tuesday before Memorial Day.”  I would never have imagined in a million years that the Tuesday after Memorial Day 1997 I’d be in trauma ICU clinging to life nor that it would have been the last Tuesday that I’d ever stand on my own two feet again.

As thoughts continue this week, I shall take a deep breath, offer gratitude for my many gifts, survival, abounding joy, life remains beautiful, yes all the gifts…and remember today is.

A note from a 2nd grader, inside she writes, “I’m glad you still have your happy.”

Here I am with Winter the Dolphin happily swimming on my shirt, can you see she's missing her tail? Those are my 'fake' knees with hearts added to them, very sweet, and 'fake' feet, I had shown the classes my stubbie feet and she drew them, but the best part is my big smile, yep, I still have my happy, do you:?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog Tour!!!!

Hoping Mother’s Day was absolutely wonderful for all the Mommas reading today’s post. The weekend prior I was blessed to be with 3 of my Fab 5, plus 2, for my oldest son and his wife’s gradation. Yesterday, my youngest son who is in Colombia did Skype in for a visit. The video froze on us but his voice was clear and beautifully him.

Earlier in the week I had planned to spend most of Mother’s Day in the gardens with our great Mother Earth but a Winter, yes Winter storm had blown in and changed my plans. How odd it was yesterday to be overly windy with snow flurries as Saturday, thankfully, was warm and sunny.

Mother's Day 2014 Snow Flurries

For the past few years, well since they’ve noticed fairies live on my property, two of the neighboring girls have been coming over to visit. We’ve built fairy houses, which goes without saying, sat in the gardens and chatted, but their most favorite thing to do at my house is paint and Saturday was a near perfect day for a outside paint date.

From the patio, they had such a fun time painting on big art paper. We talked about blending primary colors so they experimented with that. They went about the gardens and yard asking and offering gratitude to various plants if they could take some leaves, blossoms, and petals to use as stamps. Sitting before their big paper canvas, they decided to skip the brushes and use not only their fingers and hands but, for my benefit, they wanted to paint with their toes and feet! Certainly I encouraged this delightful mess!

A few years ago these two little girls said most empathetically to me, “Julia, you don’t have to miss your feet because when you turn 18 they’ll grow back.” I adore their world!

As the girls were leaving on Saturday they said, “We love your house it’s full of books and paint and crafty messes everywhere.” And so it is!

Part of my process is intuitive art. This is part of my participation in Painting the Feminine & a TAG journal. 

What my knitting & crocheting should look like.

What TinyCat thinks my knitting & crocheting should look like.

My alter/prayer place. This is my favorite place to sit when I'm not sitting in the gardens.

Today it is quite an honor for me to participate in a Blog Tour and not just any tour, this particular tour has been going on for some time and has journeyed to the sites of brilliant, soul-full creative’s whose work and purpose is art. I, however, am a soul-life coach or as I prefer to view myself, I am a soul-life guide, a consultant, and a speaker. On this tour I’m to answer for you gorgeous readers, 4 questions:

1)      What am I working on?
2)      How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3)      Why do I write/create what I do?
4)      How does my writing/creating process work?

2 – I’m not overly familiar with the process of other ‘coaches’, I have, however looked into other ‘programs’ and settled into the simplicity and effectiveness of the Ideal LifeVision. Implementing this process in my life several years ago produced immediate results and a complete shift in my goal setting and accomplishments. It continues to manifest results, magically, and I’m never not delightfully surprised at the magic of the process, even years later, in my life and the lives of my clients. While Ideal LifeVision is the scaffold, I strive to meet every client right where they are and see each individual as a spirited, divine soul. I originally thought I’d be interacting with individuals who face life with diverse physical challenges but as I follow my God and Guides I’m lead to engage with elementary school children bringing diversity awareness, partnering with creative souls and other coaches, and speaking to active aging ‘senior citizens’. I suppose it’s seeing each individual as divine souls that have stretched my demographics. And, I do approach my ‘work’ with the same attitude, empathy, and world view as my two little friends.

1 – Currently I’m updating my own vision (which is ever ongoing for things are manifesting so quickly) to include writing a book, creating an accompanying journal for clients to use in assisting them in writing their visions. I’m honing in on my physical and fitness goals for the great success of a scheduled surgery, implementing the Unicity transformation (return often as you're gonna want to follow this), and back to training on my mini blades. My consulting opportunities with School of Life Foundation are expanding into two more high schools next school year, which is very exciting for me. I'm always involved with various online courses which are vital for my intuitive and spiritual process (question 4 too) Right now I'm participating in Painting the Feminine (w/Dirty-Footprints Studio) and will be starting this week Boundaries Boot Camp (w/Pixie Campbell)…yeah, could go on and on…

4 – I kind of touched on how my process works through my words and photos above. I also allow time every day to play, keeping a TAG (thanksgiving, appreciation, gratitude) journal, but I think the most important and essential part of my process is my connection with God. My spiritual practice through yoga, meditation, reading, sitting with Mother Earth, playing in the gardens, breath, prayer, really tapping into my soul and spirit and allowing and knowing the Universe within is as expansive, pristine, and heavenly as the Universe beyond. Keeping it so simple, recognize life remains beautiful…yeah, I could go on and on again...

3 – I do what I do because it brings me abounding joy and joy is my, our, purpose! Plus, I simply love what I do!

Whew, there you go! Now let me introduce to three amazing, creative, remarkable and gorgeous women who will pick up the tour next week:

My name is Melanie but my soul prefers to be called Gypsy. I am a dabbler in all things alternative. I aspire to empower the women in the world and have made that my personal goal in life. 
Gypsy is in my ‘neck of the woods’ and I have yet to meet her in person! You can find her at

Lisa Dieken’s life purpose is to help others raise their consciousness in order to become their Divine Self, carry out their life purpose and manifest their dreams.   The online courses she offers teach you how to become your Divine Self.

Lisa and I have been soul sisters for years. I've worked with her personally and can say she is excellent at what she does! You can find her at

Deanna is a mixed media artist and owner of A New Day Art Studio, an online shop specializing in mixed media art supplies.  Deanna's battle with chronic pain is what original brought her to seek the healing power of art.  Now her passion is showing others that anyone can create and regardless of talent or training, they just need to "make a mark".
Deanna is remarkably creative; you really need to check out her leggings! You can find her at

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bighorn Sheep

Whether a creationist or evolutionist or somewhere in between, we, humans arrived after the waters and land, plants and animals. It could be said the best was saved for last. It could also be said that we are guests here on this gorgeous, life sustaining planet.

Maybe it's both.

Have we, humans, over the millennial, centuries, decades, currently, today are we respectful stewards and/or guests?

Now wait, this isn't what today's post is about, except to say that I believe with all my heart, we have much to learn from those who were before us and we can all be better as co-inhabitants of Earth. 

Still, this is not today's post, well, kinda. 

Today is about sharing part of my intuitive art practice, which isn't something I'm fully comfortable with (the sharing part not the practice part). Actually, all of today's post is just about sharing the parts. I have so much to say about the practice and about animal wisdom and being an inhabitant and about being human...but today, it's just a part of each of these as they work their magic into the whole of ME.

Displaying photo 5.JPG

A few weeks back in my post titled Slow Down, I mention exploring Bighorn Sheep. This exploration took me into my intuitive art practice. Through the layers and layers of creating, I was brought deeper into the wisdom, gifts, and understanding of Bighorn Sheep which in turn brought me deeper into an understanding of me, my layers now in the present, in the slowing down, in feeling the presence of Bighorn Sheep.

Displaying photo 4.JPG

Displaying photo 3.JPG

Displaying photo 1.JPG

While I'm not sure he's finished-finished, he is complete or I'm complete for now, anyway. His eyes were saved for last and after stepping back and looking deep within those eyes I realized of all the messages he holds for me the most important isn't even shown here; his feet, but hey mine aren't visible either. And yet looking back at the first layering's I have the words, 'surefooted' and 'secure'. 

Just love this intuitive art process. 

This morning I referred to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, a great go-to book. Yep, I was in Bighorn Sheep's environment a few weeks back, and he noticed me. So it was, after the eyes, that I read this, "Those with this totem must learn to trust in their ability to land safely on their feet as they make new moves and new beginnings." Grateful for his wisdom then as I passed through the Gorge, grateful for his wisdom now.

An interesting side note, over the past few days as I was painting and exploring Bighorn Sheep one of  my photographer friends, Mark Andrews kept sharing current photos of Bighorn Sheep on FaceBook. Interesting? or another part of the magic.

This post, again is parts, tidbits, as these pictures are but parts, tidbits of the process, part of the practice, part of the exploring, part of the understanding...all simple parts of the whole, parts of what make me whole.

Life Remains Beautiful.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Lesson in Easy vs Simple

One would think I'd have this whole easy vs simple thing down. In all actuality I do, sometimes though, "I just want easy!!!!!"

For example, standing up from sitting. Such a simple concept and for many an easy skill. Attending BootCamp two weeks ago I witnessed and was inspired by many bilateral above the knee individuals who make standing up look rather really easy. Me, I must have lead in those jello-jigglers residing in my hiney.

Another example, my gardens. Aside from a pending surgery on my right shoulder, getting up and down from the ground, scooting across the gardens, pulling weeds (heavens there are tons of weeds and this coming from a girl who welcomes most weeds as wildflowers into her gardens) just isn't easy, simple yes, not so easy. Then there's the simple idea; Mother Earth, how easy would it be for the grasses not encroach into the Creeping Myrtle or for the Goat Heads not lay a carpet of new seedlings around the Angel Hair Mugwort. "I just want cleaning up these garden areas to be easy!!!!"

Oh, but how much I learn from Mother Earth and from outstanding young adults.

While at BootCamp, Pedro, a young man not only missing both legs above the knee, he's missing both arms above the elbow and who happens to be one of my super hero's, says to me during standing up training, "Julia, I don't care if you are 34 (he's also charming) there isn't a bead of sweat on your forehead yet!"

Yesterday while speaking to my son Chris, I mentioned the gardens and how I can't wait for him and his siblings to be home next week (they know I'm anxious to give them a yard 'task'; task sounds better than 'chore') and he asked how the Lavender is doing. He and I had chopped and trimmed and cut the woody shrubs way down a bit too early this Spring for we had a few freezes after the cuttings.

"They are doing remarkable!" I told him.

"See Mom, a good cutting back is healthy," he replied.

"Well it wasn't so healthy for me," I sarcastically shot back.

"But I believe it was Mom."

What Pedro, Chris, and Mother Earth taught me, what they continue to teach me, is life isn't easy, it's not meant to be easy but when I, when we, exert effort and commitment into our lives all the while keeping it so simple, we simply discover our beautiful, ideal, treasure filled life!

A treasure from one of the gardens. After these Bleeding Hearts were planted two years ago, Cadbury our dog ate them and trampled what was left. A few months later, Cad who was already ailing, took a turn for the worse and we had her put to rest. These beauties hadn't bloomed since. While they attempted to grow once before they were plucked out mistaken for a weed.  I believe these are a gift from the other side given by Cadbury!

Here's a glimpse at my Super Hero Pedro! He also has a Ted X talk but it's all in Spanish, still remarkable to watch. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slow Down

There was anxiousness heading to Las Vegas last week to catch a flight. I left plenty early however I didn't take full consideration of highway construction in the gorge. As I approached, my anxiety grew. Sections of I-15 were down to one lane, speed reduced to 35 MPH, behind several tractor trailers, I was forced to slow down.

 Maybe it’s the ongoing practice of ‘slowing down’ which eased me into a blissful state. Taking a deep, full, rich breath I was awakened with vividness to the pristine beauty of life.

The morning sun’s play of light and shadow soften the rugged walls. This truly is a magnificent pass. I noticed the vertical carved ripples in the rock and recall Jeff telling me how years before these areas were drilled and blasted to make way for the interstate.

This day, current construction crews had erected a protective barrier around a shrine which has been well maintained for years. I've notice the hallowed place before; the cross always freshened and silk flowers and tokens deliberately laid in honor of a lost loved one, Fred, his name painted on the cross could now be read.

Wiry creosote bushes danced in the canyon winds as if to show off their fresh spring green foliage and yellow-green buds, this is the plant I miss the most from the desert. If only there was morning moisture to release its heady fragrance.

Looking closer at the desert floor the wild flowers were bursting in their splendor, such a small window of opportunity for them to take center stage in the desert terrain.

Even with the frightening lack of winter snow a bit farther north, there was quite a bit of spring runoff water in the river. I watched her flow, no looking back, no regret, no fear of what lies ahead, she simply continued on her journey, a destination not yet known to her, but ardently she flowed.

Humble and grateful tears filled my eyes. In the stillness which lies just beyond the shoulders of a busy interstate there is wonder, pulse, beauty, an ever alive nature. Again and again I am reminded that life remains beautiful.

Wiping a tear from my right eye a surge of excitement filled me, “Maybe in this slow down I’ll see a big horn sheep!” In my current state it only seemed fair and right to receive such a gift.

Emerging out of the mouth of the gorge, there was a slight disappointment at having to speed up but even greater disappointment at not seeing big horn sheep. And just as I approached 50, 65, 70 MPH, looking in my rearview mirror at the shrinking, massive gorge a knowing hit me. I was in his environment. I may not have seen big horn sheep but he saw me, he felt my presence and respect for him and sent me a wave of his medicine.

As the day continued and the following crazy, hectic, difficult days unfolded, I carried this wondrous experience to ‘slow down’ with me, with gratitude, I welcomed the ease it offered.

Slow down…simply slow down…what can you, what will you glean if you but venture to the experience? With promise, all will get accomplished and oddly enough, quite possibly even more.

It’s been a week since the ‘slow down’ and I still feel this bliss as well as big horn sheep’s medicine with me. What power does he offer? What gifts does he wish to give? It’s now time to explore his medicine….