Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sacred Journey of the Heart

Joy is found in the journey or, better still, by looking at the word journey, joy surrounds the journey. This, my 49th year journey, is a journey of discovery; a discovery of self. While I flit from ‘this thing to that’ in my daily adventures, the most important and over looked ‘thing’ is my own heart. There, in my heart, is the place which houses the past 48 years of journey and what a journey it has been. So, to really honor the 49th year journey and prepare for the joyful jubilee, which is my 50th birthday, I must embark on a sacred journey of the heart. It’s time to meet what’s in the heart and embrace each element discovered there with love. Everything, comes back to love.
This visual journal page is symbolic of this sacred journey. The heart is rust colored and over grown from neglect. Inside, are many things to be examined and embraced. Both of the herbs, angelica and bay, represent sacred protection and invoke the fairy folk and angels, who, I believe, will help guide me on the journey of the heart as well as this, my 49th year journey.
The journal entry reads, "below shards of brokenness tangled with over growness among memories strewn, life & beauty awaits to be discovered, it's time to meet what's in the heart"
Thanks to my daughter Heather.
Thank you Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio

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