Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


I am interested in your life, your story, your journey and I desire for you ~

v  To recognize your pristine divinity; you are a child of God, the Universe, Creative Source, etc. who is loved beyond measure.

v  To view the endless possibilities you dwell in and seize them.

v  To bravely unshackle your full creativity and potential.

v  To awaken to the knowledge that all things can be made purposeful and that you are of great importance and purpose; no one else can fulfill that which you are called to do.

v  To know you are limitless; you joined this world without a ceiling, therefore, yes, you are limitless.

v  To receive and use, with meaningful gratitude, the constant flow of gifts of which God, the Universe, Creative Source, etc. has for you.

v  To meet, befriend, become partners with the beautiful one you are seeking; You.

v  To fall deeper and deeper in love with your life; your perfect, joyful, radiant journey of life.

 “Believe in loves infinite journey, for it is your own, for you are love. Love is Life.” ~ Rumi

I am here for you, to cheer you on, be your greatest fan, to guide you as you dream, create, fly!
All the while, keeping it so simple.


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