Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wacky, Wondrous, What If Wednesday

What inspires and motivates you? What makes your heart sing?

Posting this question on Facebook got only three responses, three very sweet comments. One, from my darling Krysta who said, “Pumpkins and Fall”. The other two mentioned me. “Me” was certainly not where I was going with the questions but it does follow what I was leading to.

 What I was posing and what I am posing here is simply this, “What inspires and motivates you?”

You probably will find your answer doesn’t cost much if anything at all, but it is priceless.

Today, right now, when you state what inspires and motivates you, and yes I want you to state it out loud, claim your motivation and inspiration, be surrounded by whatever it is. As you approach and travel through your Wednesday, seek out your inspiration and motivation.

Are you noticing that which inspires and motivates you really is closer than you thought, closer than you realized?

What if you could go about your daily life and be surrounded, submerged in those things, people, places, happenings which inspire and motivate? Would your heart joyfully sing?

As you crawl into bed at the end of this Wondrous Wednesday, state out loud again and feel deep within your singing heart, gratitude for that which inspired and motivated you today.


I’d love, love, love to hear how this worked for you. Please leave me a comment here or email me or Facebook me or call me…..I’m so over the moon excited to know how this simple act makes your heart sing today.

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  1. Today , my heart sang!

  2. Recently a long lost friend & I had the chance to meet up online. This person once was a dear and special part of my life. I hurt this person and that act has tormented the deepest part of my heart &soul for a very long time. It is inspiring to me how the human heart has the ability to forgive at that deep of level. This person spent their time trying to ease my sorrow & release the deep part of my soul from the regret & sadness that resides there. That degree of forgiveness and kindness motivates me to forgive people I feel have hurt me over what now seems trivial matters. I guess that forgiveness is what I feel is the priceless gift. The ability to forgive ones self to that same degree is a ongoing struggle that so far in life eludes me. I was however reminded why this person was such a special part of my life & I will always be grateful for knowing them.