Saturday, December 21, 2013

Synchronicities, Simplicity, Solstice and Journaling

There are several names for each full moon deriving from various ancient cultures, tribes, regions. Over the years I have mixed those names creating my own annual list as they appeal to me (if there are rules or guidelines to moon name calling, well then, I broke the rules again).  Long Night’s Moon (the name I chose for December) was on the 17. For weeks I had contemplated a tiny solitary celebration which ended up being nothing more than what I seem to have done for the last 11 full moons; gaze upon dear Luna in admiration and honor.
On the 18, as I awoke, got ready, and set out for my early trek to work, Luna continued to beckon me with her glorious light. It’s in her light (which, yes, I’ve written about it before, her light source comes from the Sun but oh how she reflects him…many messages there) it’s from within her glow that I hear her whispers. And, as typical for me, it wasn’t so much December 18 or 19 but on the 20, when during my entire drive south on I-15 she, in her gentle hovering, continued to reveal herself, that the ‘message’ began to articulate in my brain. And, as typical, it wasn’t only one awareness, one happening, or just Luna and Sun doing what they do best, but a sequence of occurrences, which probably occur quite often but too often go unnoticed by me, that struck my Spirit.
Now, I could go into all the little synchronicities, but I won’t, not this time. This time I’m just going to the core of the message, I'm going to keep it simple, because it so applies for today, the Solstice (Sun stands still). It is a recurring message for me as I tend to slip up or slip out often…
”Be still long enough to glide back into rhythm."
As I laid awake last night from midnight until 3AM, watching the clouds, which seemed to enjoy being illuminated by Luna’s glow, move across the sky (oh how I love the sky lights above my bed) mingling with all the gazillion thoughts I had, was one penetrating question, “How do I avoid this slip out of rhythm again? How do I sync in with the Universal flow?”
Besides the usual answer for every soulful delimia of deeping meditation and prayer, the only other answer I received was to journal. But, instead of complete dread which has kept me from journaling this past year, I was filled with a bit of excitement. Again, Jules, there’s no rules or guidelines (if there are, break them), keep it so simple, even  if it means you have several journals, it’s okay, it’s safe, it’s not cumbersome, it’s rhythmic.
I will conclude this post with a bit of promise to myself…this blog space is a journaling space, much as I’d like to just remain disassembled today and stay home, go purchase a few fresh, clean journals...I am free to create, create a new gratitude journal even several little journals...
For a moment this Solstice, I too shall ‘stand still’ in potient prayer and meditation, and begin journaling…I think I shall start with Luna, the Moon and the Sun for they, in their waxing and waining, in their Universal place in space, they are constant particpants, reminders of the rhythm..
I invite you to join me in keeping it in rhythm and keeping it so simple…
PS ~ New Year's Day is the New Moon, January 15 is the Cold Moon.


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