Monday, June 18, 2012

Dearmers Possibletarians Manifestarians

There are dreamers who dream with such conviction of the heart they are drawn to possibletarians.
Possibletarians create possibilities for dreamers to dwell in.
A moment comes when the dreamer seizes the gift of possibilities.
Together, dreamer and possibletarian manifest the dream, becoming manifestarians.
Manifestarians inspire others to be dreamers,
Dreamers who dream with such conviction of the heart they are drawn to possibletarians…

My running adventure was short lived, but only temporarily, as osteomyelitis flared up at the distal end of my left leg. After several tests, doctor visits, and prayers it was determined the best fix will be another revision. This one will be a biggie, huge, the last attempt to save my knee, but I have been blessed with an ‘A Team’. This is more of my Ideal Life Vision manifesting itself and God watching over this little girl. When everything, my Ideal Life Vision, doctors, surgeons, family, leg makers, friends, physical therapist, began to take their place in my life I had to create something tangible, thus the little collage and writings. This life is a partnership. I could not have accomplished the things I have on my own. I could not have come through the things I have on my own. We are in this together, connected, intertwined. Together we journey life and it is such a beautiful, joyful, quest. Know you are Dreamers, Possibletarians, Manifestarians of whom I am filled with deep gratitude, radiant light, and pure love for. Seize the possibilities you dwell within today.
(there should be a photo here, sorry, I'll be working at figuring out how to fix the problem)

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