Friday, February 28, 2014

New Moon

Tomorrow evening is February’s New Moon. Sweet Luna enters Pisces a water sign; both water and the New Moon hold a turning within, a gifting to see reflective qualities.

Many of us seem to be facing struggles in our lives which add heaviness to our journey and creative processes. With humility I have been moved to ask those in our circle and my family, while during this divine space tomorrow evening, I could hold specific prayer requests for you. Several have responded and this truly is an honor. There remains a strong call within me though that there are a few more of you who would like to be lifted in prayer. So, once more Spirit puts this forward; please feel free and safe and supported to send me any request via a private message, email, even a phone call.

During meditation this morning an impression was brought to encourage you who have entrusted me with your prayer request, to please, over the next few days, simply allow your attention to go towards your situation but, with tenderness and compassion meet and overlay that situation with a vision of a harmonious and healthy outcome, resolution, result. Really envision, letting the vision expand out through your mind’s eye and your crown, with crystal clarity, see this goodness. Now, simply, let this harmonious, healthy, clear vision gently stir emotions from deep within you. Then merge your vision and your emotions at your heart center and feel all the goodness, truth, joy, happiness, compassion, feel all the positive vibrations and allow all those high vibrations to fill you, carry you, and radiate from you, completely and holy.

So tomorrow, under the New Moon, I seek you in the reflective pool of Spirit. With deep gratitude and honor, blessings and pure love to you.

(TinyCat loves this space, BabyCat and Bear are sitting right near by)

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  1. Thank you so much Julia ;) Quite a beautiful gift you have offered with your loving heart.

  2. Thank you for listening to Spirit! Love~