Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simple is TruTh is Simple

A few days ago, while making a hotel reservation, I needed to speak to a ‘real live’ person. The reservationist was most polite and professional. She was able to get the details worked out, for which I needed to speak to someone about, and a room reserved. When asked my email address for receipt of confirmation, I gave her keepingitsosimple@gmail. To my unexpected surprise the professional reservationist, relaxed and, with hopeful anticipation that I might have the secret answer, asked, “Have you figured it out, how to keep it so simple?” With a little giggle I responded, “I’m still working on the details, but life, while it isn't easy, is so simple.”

Often when consulting with perspective life coach clients I hear with exasperation, “I just want my life to be easy!” I have learned, over the past few years, to not laugh at this statement, for having done so has probably cost me a few clients. It isn't that I laughed at them or at their desire for their life to be easy, I laugh because, well, from my experience, from all the research I've done, life isn't necessarily going to be nor intended to be easy.

What I have discovered, what I've learned, is that while life isn't always going to be easy, life is simple. When we peel the layers of our life back, peel back to the point of what we really want, or to what the real ‘issues’ confronting us are, we will find at that raw point lies the simplicity of desire and resolution. And, what else I've discovered by peeling back, opening up, is that what is exposed is pure truth. When we are true to self, to the divine within, and to our lives we will find simple is truth and truth is simple.

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