Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Lesson in Easy vs Simple

One would think I'd have this whole easy vs simple thing down. In all actuality I do, sometimes though, "I just want easy!!!!!"

For example, standing up from sitting. Such a simple concept and for many an easy skill. Attending BootCamp two weeks ago I witnessed and was inspired by many bilateral above the knee individuals who make standing up look rather really easy. Me, I must have lead in those jello-jigglers residing in my hiney.

Another example, my gardens. Aside from a pending surgery on my right shoulder, getting up and down from the ground, scooting across the gardens, pulling weeds (heavens there are tons of weeds and this coming from a girl who welcomes most weeds as wildflowers into her gardens) just isn't easy, simple yes, not so easy. Then there's the simple idea; Mother Earth, how easy would it be for the grasses not encroach into the Creeping Myrtle or for the Goat Heads not lay a carpet of new seedlings around the Angel Hair Mugwort. "I just want cleaning up these garden areas to be easy!!!!"

Oh, but how much I learn from Mother Earth and from outstanding young adults.

While at BootCamp, Pedro, a young man not only missing both legs above the knee, he's missing both arms above the elbow and who happens to be one of my super hero's, says to me during standing up training, "Julia, I don't care if you are 34 (he's also charming) there isn't a bead of sweat on your forehead yet!"

Yesterday while speaking to my son Chris, I mentioned the gardens and how I can't wait for him and his siblings to be home next week (they know I'm anxious to give them a yard 'task'; task sounds better than 'chore') and he asked how the Lavender is doing. He and I had chopped and trimmed and cut the woody shrubs way down a bit too early this Spring for we had a few freezes after the cuttings.

"They are doing remarkable!" I told him.

"See Mom, a good cutting back is healthy," he replied.

"Well it wasn't so healthy for me," I sarcastically shot back.

"But I believe it was Mom."

What Pedro, Chris, and Mother Earth taught me, what they continue to teach me, is life isn't easy, it's not meant to be easy but when I, when we, exert effort and commitment into our lives all the while keeping it so simple, we simply discover our beautiful, ideal, treasure filled life!

A treasure from one of the gardens. After these Bleeding Hearts were planted two years ago, Cadbury our dog ate them and trampled what was left. A few months later, Cad who was already ailing, took a turn for the worse and we had her put to rest. These beauties hadn't bloomed since. While they attempted to grow once before they were plucked out mistaken for a weed.  I believe these are a gift from the other side given by Cadbury!

Here's a glimpse at my Super Hero Pedro! He also has a Ted X talk but it's all in Spanish, still remarkable to watch. 


  1. You always lift my spirits, Julia. I think you are my super hero.

    1. You are my hero too, It is said that anything beautiful never dies.