Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bighorn Sheep

Whether a creationist or evolutionist or somewhere in between, we, humans arrived after the waters and land, plants and animals. It could be said the best was saved for last. It could also be said that we are guests here on this gorgeous, life sustaining planet.

Maybe it's both.

Have we, humans, over the millennial, centuries, decades, currently, today are we respectful stewards and/or guests?

Now wait, this isn't what today's post is about, except to say that I believe with all my heart, we have much to learn from those who were before us and we can all be better as co-inhabitants of Earth. 

Still, this is not today's post, well, kinda. 

Today is about sharing part of my intuitive art practice, which isn't something I'm fully comfortable with (the sharing part not the practice part). Actually, all of today's post is just about sharing the parts. I have so much to say about the practice and about animal wisdom and being an inhabitant and about being human...but today, it's just a part of each of these as they work their magic into the whole of ME.

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A few weeks back in my post titled Slow Down, I mention exploring Bighorn Sheep. This exploration took me into my intuitive art practice. Through the layers and layers of creating, I was brought deeper into the wisdom, gifts, and understanding of Bighorn Sheep which in turn brought me deeper into an understanding of me, my layers now in the present, in the slowing down, in feeling the presence of Bighorn Sheep.

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While I'm not sure he's finished-finished, he is complete or I'm complete for now, anyway. His eyes were saved for last and after stepping back and looking deep within those eyes I realized of all the messages he holds for me the most important isn't even shown here; his feet, but hey mine aren't visible either. And yet looking back at the first layering's I have the words, 'surefooted' and 'secure'. 

Just love this intuitive art process. 

This morning I referred to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, a great go-to book. Yep, I was in Bighorn Sheep's environment a few weeks back, and he noticed me. So it was, after the eyes, that I read this, "Those with this totem must learn to trust in their ability to land safely on their feet as they make new moves and new beginnings." Grateful for his wisdom then as I passed through the Gorge, grateful for his wisdom now.

An interesting side note, over the past few days as I was painting and exploring Bighorn Sheep one of  my photographer friends, Mark Andrews kept sharing current photos of Bighorn Sheep on FaceBook. Interesting? or another part of the magic.

This post, again is parts, tidbits, as these pictures are but parts, tidbits of the process, part of the practice, part of the exploring, part of the understanding...all simple parts of the whole, parts of what make me whole.

Life Remains Beautiful.

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