Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Practices or Simply Connectedness

It’s now two weeks post surgery from revision of the distal end of my right leg and repair of a complete tear on my right shoulder repair. Over the past 17 years there’s been numerous surgeries, 5 within the last 2 years alone.  Recovery’s road is not unfamiliar ground to me but implementing 3 new practices in the last 3 years has made the expedition far more tolerable and healing much greater not only physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


 I    Incorporating the Ideal Life Vision program has taken me leaps and bounds in honing in with clarity my dreams and setting and accomplishing my goals. Personally there have been and continue to be powerful and successful shifts in my life thus it is the base program I use with clients. While this is a little plug for Keeping It So Simple it is more of a thank you to Lauri Cox for introducing me the program and Ann Webb for its creation. Recognizing and honoring my Vision as a living document of me and remaining persistent and consistent has brought more awareness to my limitless possibilities and potential and healing.

        As my life has spanned so has my prayer and meditation. The past several years I sought assistance for energy therapy guided by some spectacular practitioners. This type of healing work has brought up a lot of stuff, a surfacing of things, as well as satisfying answers or altering perspectives to a wide range of emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental feelings, thoughts, questions, aches, pains...yeah this is a good juicy practice which brings clarity to a different realm of me. I’m blessed to have worked with Vickie Warner, Pam DiFranco, Shamsi Pettus, Lisa Dieken, and Jill Chesrow. I will continue to work with some of these gifted women as well as continue to expand my own energy work. Like my vision, remaining persistent and consistent to an energy practice offers holistic well being and expands my awareness.

     Pre surgery I was taking another of Connie Hozvicka’s intuitive art classes, Painting the Feminine. Intuitive art is the third practice. I’m deeply grateful to have immersed myself in and Connie’s courses which introduced me to this practice. For several days leading up to surgery this painting kept calling and calling me. While there’s much meaning for me in the process and imagery of this piece, it is the bubble, circle shapes on her head which made me most curious. I resisted, in fact, painted over them at first but inevitably had to give in. This shape reoccurs not just in my work but in several intuitive artists work as well and that’s what drove my curiosity. Pondering this shape the night before surgery I woke with this thought and I’m gonna date myself here, but I thought of Laugh In, a ‘60’s television show filled with hilarious skits. One skit was done by Lilly Tomlin in which she portrayed an operator. She sat in front of switch board plugging and unplugging callers into one another, she was controlling the connections.

T    These 3 practices, this intuitive art piece, these shapes, are about that, our connectedness, our ability to plug into one another. I think at times we become energetically intertwined which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or sometimes it is, there are times when we no longer serve someone or something or they us. The key thing to note is that we are the switchboard operators; we hold all the power to plug in or unplug, to mix and mingle or intertwine. 
      We do not need sojourn this life alone, we are meant for connections. As for me, surgery after surgery then embarking along recovery’s road, I am ever grateful for the connections I have chosen to plug into, family, friends, clients, tribes, teachers….from well wishes, thoughts, prayers to 3 of my kids coming home and helping me out (much love to Heather, Chris, and Audrie), yes grateful for allowing me to plug in and a knowing when to unplug.


  1. What a wonderful post Julia! I love the Gem of an insight you share at the end...

    "The key thing to note is that we are the switchboard operators; we hold all the power to plug in or unplug, to mix and mingle or intertwine."


    " We do not need sojourn this life alone, we are meant for connections."

    So beautiful!

    And Thank you for being my Ideal Life Vision are a wonderfully gifted coach and I am so grateful for your many gifts and talents.

    Happy healing and much comfort and ease your way <3

  2. I love the name of your blog and your posts! I look forward to visiting again and again! :)