Saturday, January 29, 2011

Elder Sister Project

As the dawn of my 50th birthday nears, I have come to realize how much I have discovered and how much more I have yet to discover along this journey of life. One of the greatest discoveries I have found is that each of us hold keys to unlocking the traits of life. Sometimes, we just don’t realize we have such a possession.  Another discovery is we all receive whisperings of little tokens. Some come in the form of wisdom learned and then shared by others. Some tokens come as divine whispers of wisdom from beyond to within ourselves.  Another great discovery is the knowledge that, while each of us must individually experience life’s journey, we are never alone. With this in mind, I am pleased to have come across the Elder Sister Project and hope my contribution is of some value to sisterhood.
Each of our lives carries with it a bag of mixed events. Some events are welcomed while others, not so much. Fourteen years ago I had a ‘not so much’ event tossed my way. In this event I experienced near death which resulted in the amputation of both my legs. During my fight for life the clarity of understanding came that each of us possess a master key; that key being freedom of choice. I did not choose this event. I did not choose to lose my legs, but I held and still hold the freedom of choice as to how I will deal with this event as well as all of life’s events. Events tossed our way may be man-made, self inflicted, or God given. While we may not always choose life’s events, we always have the freedom to choose how we will react and interact with them. Discover the great key you possess, freedom of choice, then, use it wisely.
Your discovery of the master key of freedom of choice will empower you. You will treasure and hold the key dear. Life’s journey will reveal to you your possession of many keys. All of which will be a treasure to you. The following keys, however, are probably the most useful and healing. They are the keys to forgiveness, joy, peace, and faith.
As women we tend to place a noose of guilt around our neck as if it’s a beautifully jewel adorned necklace. It is not a necklace and it is not beautiful. You have the power to choose to wear the noose of guilt or to remove it. This is life, it is not perfection, and we all do things which require rectification. Set things right in your life, not just with others but with yourself, then learn and let go. There is no need for a noose of guilt for there is forgiveness. The keys to forgiveness are repentance, grace, and mercy.
Some people we see seem to be happy all the time. Is it happiness you see or is it joy? There is a difference. Learn to distinguish between joy and happiness. Happiness isn’t always found in the happenings of life. But, joy abounds in all of life’s happenings, even the unwelcomed ones. The keys to joy are to seek and wonder.
The journey of life seems to become chaotic and hectic and the world around us, more of the same. Yet, peace remains amidst all the frenzy; really, it’s there. Think of where the calm of a hurricane is found. It’s within the center; at the eye of the storm. Center yourself, especially during the frenzied storms of life. The keys to peace are prayer and meditation.
Faith will, on some occasions, quiver and on others become nearly obscure. Do not let go. Hold on to your faith for faith knows when you need an anchor and when you need wings. The keys to faith are hope and  to believe.
As we discover the keys of life, we also discover a great collection of tokens, whisperings of wisdom from great men and women throughout generations and from our angels and God. These whisperings are a gathering of quotes and thoughts which inspire and enlighten our path along the journey. You undoubtedly have a wonderful collection of your own and we probably share some of the same divine wisdom. Here is a small sprinkling of favorites you may not have gathered yet:
Blame or Bloom; Be careful what you wish for; Sticks and stones can break a bone but words can break a heart; If you’re asking, “when is it enough?” it’s enough; Never, ever lose your sense of humor; Laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh; Whenever possible, keep it so simple……........
keys, whisperings, and blessings to all Sisterhood who venture here

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