Friday, July 1, 2011

A Needed Boost

Wow, what a week! The talk I've been preparing for was on Wednesday. There is much to say, to write about on this speaking journey and it's all brewing, working it's way to the surface. There has been other stuff this week as well, whew, oh the stuff. Isn't it 'odd' just when you need a bit of a boost to self, a little, "hey, you're okay;" someone happens to offer; something happens to occur. When I opened my Facebook page I saw an interview I had been asked to give a few weeks ago was now posted. First, I've never been interviewed, so how totally honored that someone, not just anyone either but Lisa Dieken from Wild Creative Heart, would want to interview me and think me interesting enough to post the interview on her blog. I know of Lisa and her work. I also know of some of the individuals she associates with so when I say I'm honored, I'm humbly honored, wow, to be included in such company of angels. In the opening of her interview she refers to me as an 'artist'; this in and of itself is most moving for I have never refered to myself as an 'artist.' I hope you go read the interview. She matched me up with another remarkable woman, Natasha Reilly. Truly you'll want to get know these two women, you'll enjoy their writings, their art, and Lisa has some amazing photography, oh, and you'll get a glimpse of me through someone else's perspective.

Wild Creative Heart

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  1. Congratulations on your "boost" - I enjoyed reading your interview and I hope the beautiful scent of lavender continues to calm you :)