Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little More About This Week

I journeyed to Las Vegas this week to sign documents for the sale of our home there. This is the house Jeff built for me, for our family, for us. The house has been on the market for nearly two years. The selling price is way below what our costs were 11 years ago to buy the land and build. Holding on to the home, with its monthly costs and maintenance had become a financial and emotional burden.
This wasn’t the first time I’d signed closing docs; I’d been down this road before only to have the buyer back out 5 hours prior to the close. So, this bitter-sweet trip to Vegas had me filled with a bit of intrepidation. During the entire drive down I questioned my decision to sell.
Usually I exit at the 215 but chose a different route this day. With the IPod on shuffle, my head questioning, traffic slowed at the Cheyenne exit. Looking at the exit I recalled how many times Jeff and I took this exit to go to the ‘yard’. Even after weekends spent in New Harmony, we’d often cruse the yard. NU’s construction yard, the office, was really Jeff’s home. He grew up in that yard, he owned that yard. “Am I making the right decision?” I asked as traffic began to move. A new song shuffled on, When I Get to Where I’m Going, I took it as an answer. This is the song our daughters chose for Jeff’s funeral. This isn't the first time I'd asked an emotionally deep question to Jeff and had this song play. Oh the synchronicities continue…
Yesterday had a few profound synchronicities as well, but the one I wish to share now is the following quote I came across from a post by my friend Lisa Dieken, . She shared it via Licia Berry, .
“Fear not, money will not be the way we make decisions any more. Following the passion is what will open things up and the flow of all goodness will come through you and to you. The key is to remain open, and doing what you love and loving what you do. The nature of the universe is this passion, and when we embody passion, we are one with the fabric of the universe. When we are not passionate, when we are “dead” in our engagement with the world, we are not showing up to dance with All Creation. All Creation wants to dance, all the time. Will you waltz with All Creation, or will you sit this one out? Your passion is the indication that you are plugged in, and saying YES to the dance.”
This seemed to be a direct answer to my closing question from my previous post, “How can I live with greater passion, celebration, abundance of life?” Synchronicity or Simply Wow!?
A friend of mine, Mark, actually we grew up next door to each other, who I recently reconnected with said in an email to me this week, “…time seems to go much faster when we get over 50…” Time may speed up, it may be short, time, like the wheel of life, keeps rolling along. Thus, time is and always has been precious, valuable, each event time unfolds should be used to enlighten the journey, “…thy word shall be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path…” Each event, an opportunity to dance.
May I, as I approach my Joyful Jubilee Journey, absorb the light, strengthen the pure light within me, and become a shining light upon a little hill in the country albeit  a dancing light for I have chosen not to sit another out but to dance…Blessings, Love, but mostly Light and yes, I hope you dance.

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