Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wacky, Wondrous, Whatever, What If Wednesday

There is so very much to do today, really there is, and yet I have wandered about the house, out into the gardens, roundabout, getting absolutely nothing accomplished. As I thought about plopping out of the chair into the flowerbed to do some weeding the Sun kissed me with His warmth and I chose to linger there dancing in the His delightful embrace. A slight breeze wafted through and I smelled Autumn’s fragrance; she’s coming.
The Fall Equinox is this Friday, Mabon, another turn on the wheel. I adore Autumn with all Her meaning and energy.  A time to celebrate the bounty offered us, the close of the harvest. Looking out at the vegetable gardens I notice the corn begging to be brought in, enjoyed, preserved so to be able to offer itself during the deadness of Winter as nourishment for the body and soul. The watermelon patch and tomatoes are browning but there lives some produce waiting to be picked. The tiny pumpkin patch finally has blossoms though no pumpkins yet, maybe there’s still time.
The branches of the apple trees out back are hanging down, some have snapped, from the weight of this year’s fruit. I must find someone to pick these beauties. Some apples will be juiced, others made into apple pie filling, while others remain, falling to the ground providing food for the deer, raccoon, and any other critter which passes through.
As I made way around my property seeing so much yet to be done before seasons end, I did nothing but rejoice; rejoice and dancing in the Sun’s warm, passionate embrace. I inhaled deeply Autumn’s faint fragrance feeling like the Goddess who retains a fiery passion for Her God even as He wanes. Oh, but waning is a part of the continuum…
“Whatever,” I said to myself, “things will get done. For now, feel, simply feel.”
After I came in, I reread my post Wheel of Life from February, when I so longed for Spring; now, I so long for Autumn. I have no need to wonder when I began waning, for, looking back I waxed and waned, looking forward I shall wax and wane some more. The wheel will continue to roll and I shall roll along with it. Simply finding joy in all of life, in all of the seasons, and being grateful my soul longs for such.
My 49th year adventure is approaching its end, its final season. Now is a good time to begin thinking about my cycle around the Sun, my 50th year adventure. How shall I celebrate this Joyful Jubilee? How can I live with greater passion, celebration, abundance of life? I’m not real sure just yet but maybe something will come to me as I go back outside and dance.

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