Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Step 1 Into Dreams

Tonight is October's full moon. While many refer to September's full moon as the Harvest Moon, there are some cultures who refer to October as the Full Harvest Moon. Others refer to October's full moon as the Hunters Moon or Blood Moon. I read one article which refers to tonight's full moon as the Moon of the Wand Maker.

Taking yesterdays post into consideration as a 'call to action', I felt today/tonight is a most perfect time to take a first step into living the life of dreams. For me, honing in on what it is I dream my life to be, regardless of how big or small or ever changing, is the first step, after all how can I live it if I don't have clarity on it. I also desire to know it with some certainty, simplicity, and of course some reason-ability.

With the thought of Luna's October purpose (Full Harvest Moon - a time for the full and probably final gathering; Hunters Moon - a time to bring home the meat which will sustain for the months ahead; Blood Moon - the life giving fluid, the heart of the matter; Wand Maker Moon - a craft, tool, creative extension) I decided I owe it to my dreams, whatever they maybe, to sit in solitude under Luna's light and offer prayer, meditation, contemplation. Then write, collage, draw, scribble, whatever media, the images, thoughts, ideas, hopes, oh yes dreams which come to me. By doing so, in Luna's fullness, it'll be like giving wings to and sending my dreams out into the collective Universe with great, blessed energy.

Yay, I'm taking Step One Into Living the Life of Dreams, won't you join me. We'll keep it so simple...come on let's do it together, let's step into our dreams.


  1. I'm with you ALL the way!

    I woke up this morning and was stunned by the intensity of the setting moon shining into my kitchen ... yup, i think this will be a powerful cycle! Dreams crossing the threshold into reality ...

    xo Lis

  2. This Full Moon is always such a powerful one! Her PULL is warrioress strong in the sign of Aries-
    And the veil between the worlds thin so we are more able to hear our guides-
    Definitely a moon to invoke "living our life of dreams." Thank you for the reminder! :)
    Blessed Be,

  3. I'm with you tonight, Julia. I need to step into the new but was not going to do anything tonight out of ... just being tired and focus-less. Instead, I'm going to just open my heart and see what the Goddess shows me. Thank you, sister.