Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wisteria, a Few After Thoughts

After writing this I had a few after thoughts. The first makes me giggle as I’m writing the memory. One summery evening while riding my burnt orange 10 speed bike, I decided to get a small coke Slurpee. My balance had gotten so good riding the burnt orange bike that I could peddle, sitting upright, without my hands on the handle bars. Gosh, that felt so good, I even said one day while my mom was out watering the grass, “Look mom, no hands!”
Okay, let’s just get it out before I proceed with the Slurpee story…Now I say, “Look mom, no feet!” Sick amputee humor, but it does crack a smile, right.
Now that I rode without my hands, riding with the small treat was no problem. Once I had the Slurpee, I remember getting all situated on my 10 speed, feeling free and really quite cool, figuratively and literally, in my little shorts, tank top, truth be known I may have been barefoot too as I often was, sipping a cold, yummie, Slurpee. I went to turn a corner, which I could do without my hands except I’d learned my lesson a few weeks back to hold on because in those days there were little gutter slits in the intersections and they always had slippery slime in them. Much to my dismay the slits would grab my back tire and burnt orange would slide out from under me, tossing me into the slime. So, wanting to remain ‘cool’ and upright, I knew I’d have to grab a hold of the handle bars to take this turn. Silly, silly girl I went to hold my Slurpee between my teeth but I didn’t bite on the Slurpee cup, no, I bit the straw which wasn’t then and never is attached to the cup. While, I remained upright, I was far from remaining ‘cool’ as my Slurpee landed in the slimy gutter below and the lonely straw stuck out of my mouth between my clinched teeth.  
The other after thought is a dream I had a few nights ago. In this dream I recall having a wisteria growing in my house, this house, the house I live in now. I looked up the meaning of wisteria: welcoming, steadfastness, playfulness, illumination of higher self; the flower says, “I cling to thee”; and wisteria oil invokes good vibrations. Humm, I believe I have wisteria oil. Let me know if you want some, I’ll share it with you too!


  1. Funny, Mom. I remember as a 15 1/2 year old driver saying the same exact thing: "Look Mom, no hands!" You didn't think it was very funny then.

  2. No, no darling it wasn't as funny then. So glad your dad was able to teach you how to drive. I love you a bazzillion.