Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wondrous, Wacky, Whatever Wednesday #3

This Wednesday seems like it’s going to go from wondrous to wacky and hopefully back again. If you know me or have read any of my posts you might get the sense that my thought process goes kind of wacky on occasion. I attribute this to life’s ability to easily distract me. It, life, draws me to be more and more curiousor and curiousor.

Even with a Spring chill in the air I needed to go outside and take in the morning. The way the sun beams reached up over Kolob’s fingers and pierced the low lying clouds filled me with such wonder. The snow upon the surrounding mountains is receding so much more quickly now. There has been a hint Spring may deliver another snow shower by Saturday but for now the sky appears to be conjuring up an April shower for later.

Trees beginning to burst with fresh new Spring greens; early blossoms popping out in yellow, white, and pink; perennials which seemed to have given into the dead of Winter, are now silently rupturing the earth. It’s all confirmation of the promise which I knew laid below, rested and renewed through all of Winter’s passion.

There’s such stillness to the morning. I could hear the nearby streams as the melting snow from on high rushed towards its destination. The avifauna added their sounds; the gobble of wild turkeys, knocking of a hungry wood pecker, roosters wake up call, a variety of song birds, and sensuous coos from a couple of dove. Even a few bumble bees hummed about in the chill seeking Spring’s sweet nectar. The sounds all came together like a well orchestrated concert of which I am glad I had front row tickets to.

The concert reminded me of an album I had; humm I wondered, do I also have it on CD? I had to check. Yes, sure enough I do have Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants on CD. Now, I will be adding more obscure music on my beloved IPod.

Here is where things went a little wacky this morning…

I began to shuffle through my IPod identifying some obscure tunes such as Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Paul & Mary, One Tin Soldier by the Original Caste, Downtown by Petula Clark. Oh, there are others; all of which strike a memory for me, like A White Sport Coat did about my dad in the previous post.

Then I came across Juice Newton’s Angel of the Morning; how ‘80’s can we get; and I started to laugh. When this song came out, for some weird reason I thought she said, “…just touch my feet…”

“That’s just dumb, Jules,” I thought to myself. “Why would anyone just touch feet before they leave?” I continue to converse with myself, “I know! It was a premonition! Yes, a premonition you must have had back in the ‘80’s before losing your feet; and more; in the ‘90’s.” Such reasoning, I know.

Alright, if you’re not laughing or rolling your eyes yet, the next song which came up was Johnny Cash Daddy Sang Bass. In this song I always thought he sang, “…momma sang dinner…”

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done such a silly thing to a song. Haven’t we all made a funny, wacky, mistake in a song and often thought nothing about it at the time. Then, when the ‘truth’ is revealed the light goes on. For me, not only did the light go on but I was so relieved to know that he “…just touched my cheek before you leave me, dar…ar…lin’…”

May your Wednesday be wondrous and wacky too.

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