Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Wish

I just released the last three butterflies. I barely got out the door and opened the habitat when one eager butterfly flew off, making me smile. The other two kind of hung out in the safety of the habitat, most of them do and I reach in, let them crawl onto my hand and then place them on a flowering shrub. These two, again decided to linger, right there, spreading their wings, soaking up the sunshine whenever it popped out from the clouds on this some what rainy Father's Day. Seeing they wanted to hang out for a moment I decided to get my camera. They looked so beautiful, so peaceful. After a few photos I said, "Go on, be flyer's." But they stayed, tip toeing on top of the flower head and gracefully fluttering their wings open and closed. Then it dawned on me, they are asking if I had a wish for them to take towards the heavens. Butterflies like to do that you know, carry a wish on their wings. So I did. On one butterfly I wished that my dad would speak to my sister's heart today. She misses Dad so much. I do too, but not like my sis does. Upon the wings of the other butterfly I wished that Jeff would speak to the hearts of each of our fabulous five. I know how much they miss their dad. So many things, so many changes, so much growing up, so much they want to tell him, so much miss. And do you know what those butterflies did next...delivered the wishes.

Happy Father's Day

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