Monday, June 13, 2011

My Gift To You

To my family and friends; a simple gift I give.
When the winds of change come please take this gift of wildflowers.
Each flower represents something which I believe will help you to carry on.

5 is a dynamic number which also represents change
the 'words' are 5 letter words

7 - 5 letter 'words' - trust, quiet, jesus, peace, faith, dance, grace

7 is a magical, mystical, spiritual number which also represents
the desire to know hidden truths.

As I was working outside, the last area I weeded was around my lavender bushes. They are almost ready to bloom and they are divinely intoxicating. I kept brushing against them to release more of their aroma. So, this gift is scented with lavender; inhale deeply and take it in; mmmhmmm now you are filled with calm.

I am having so much fun and experiencing such discovery at the 21 Secrets Playground.
If you're interested go here
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  1. I am so touched by all of the elements in this work...I see so many things things from the colors which are vibrant and make me *feel* the life in this work to the numbers...there is such symbolism to this work. It makes me want to jump up and down and celebrate the beauty within YOU! The "cup" like tops of the flowers open to receiving gifts from the Universe, the words themselves - all speaks to growth and embracing life so beautifully!! LOVE this work SO much!!!