Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Speech is in all things. The people of Atitlan believe that the nature of anything is its speech. The nature of grass to grow is the speech of the spirit of grass. The flowering of trees is the speech of a tree's spirit, as is the time of year when they flower. So when the Deity of that season speaks one of its phrases, the trees flower."   ~   Martin Prechtel, Secrets of the Talking Jaguar

This wonderful quote was found as part of an email I received. It seems so fitting for what I have been awakening some more to. I hope you take a moment and let the words really speak to you. Speech is in all things; speech is not only what you do; Speech is calling within you to be. Remember, "Deep calls to deep." I'm coming to the simple understanding, for us as humans unlike grass, trees, jaguars, butterflies, etc., we have the priviledge and freedom of choice. Such power maybe what prevents mefrom hearing the Speech.

Your Deity is speaking. Can you recognize the voice? Can you hear the whisper? Are you listening with your spiritual ears; from the heart of your soul?

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