Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June's Full Moon

Today is the full moon. Among other names, this moon is known as the Sun Moon, Strawberry Moon, and Rose Moon. Full moons have a powerful influence but this one wields even greater energy not only because it's the full moon which welcomes in the solstice but because it's also a full lunar eclipses.

I have been asked to speak at the end of the month. Speaking isn't new to me as I have spoken many, many times since losing my legs 14 years ago. However, since Jeff's passing in 2006, I have only spoken 3 times. This talk, while it will be a healthy endeavor for me, has been a difficult one to prepare for, basically I have been avoiding doing it. Oh, I have been given a creative topic, easy to work off of, I have all the main points, subject matters; it's all here, in my head; unfortunately its completely disarrayed, unwilling to be jotted down, written out. There is a great divide between me and the paper, me and the exposure of the 'words.' I ask, "Why?" Why do I sweep it back under the proverbial rug?

As always, I pray and trust God will use me and my life as a vessel for His glory. In my avoidance to 'write' I also realize many friends haven't heard my story of the loss of my legs. In fact, I have a friend who only recently realized the event which took my legs is a separate event from Jeff's death. It's again time to journey the path which has lead me here and to share some of the surrounding scenery with those who venture my way. Not just new friends but with life long friends and family. I have been blessed with eternal lessons through my experiences, which are worthy to share.

As I awoke this morning, anxious to welcome this full moon, I decided, even if today's full moon energy creates additional lunacy within me, I am going to tap into, wrap myself around sweet Luna's force and ride her moon beams to my advantage. She is always a willing companion. Let her light so shine that I may expose the experiences, lessons, ideas, pains, joys, realities neatly swept away, in fact, I shall sweep them out and illuminate them under her wonderfully, brilliant, white, healing, light. In so doing my heart and soul beseech God, Goddess, and Sweet Luna in her fullness that together we may create, write, expose the 'words' to a talk, to a life, to lives strong like the Sun, juicy like a summery strawberry, and beautiful like a rose. Shine within Full Moon. Shine on Full Moon.

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