Monday, June 6, 2011

A Lesson from Bleeding Hearts

Really, what is up with Mother Nature? The wind here in our little country town is behaving so badly; it's a mean, mean wind, it ripped all the leaves off one of the tiny grape vines. I keep hoping the old barn doesn’t end up in the orchard across the way. Not to mention, I’m still wearing long sleeves, and it's June.

New Harmony is far from the only place Mother Nature is causing havoc and the things she’s allowed to happen elsewhere are far worse than this miserable wind we’re experiencing. Getting morning news updates, my thoughts, prayers, wishes are sent out to those affected by and battling the out of control wild fire in Arizona. The forest this fire is ravaging is beautiful and serene. I am grateful and blessed to have been through parts of it a few years ago.

There’s also additional flooding from the Missouri River as well as recent flooding from the Mississippi. And, the death toll has risen from the recent tornados as folks are still rummaging and clearing through what was once home; from what will be home again.

Resiliency, prayers, miracles, renewal, unity; oh from the rubble and debris such magnificence can, does, and will surface.

As I was outside attempting to gather the lawn chairs, their cushions, the welcome mat and welcome sign, as I watched leaves and branches rip off my shrubs, trees, flowers, and see a large hawk lose control in mid flight, I said to Mother Nature something like, “What the hell, you need a script for Zanax, missy.”

Right after I said it I canceled my comment, one because of what I posted yesterday and my desire for my consciousness to affect reality and two because all I kept thinking after was the old ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ TV commercial; you know the one that said, “You can’t fool Mother Nature.”  

Mother Nature might not answer the question, “Why; why are you doing this?” But she does have much to say and it isn’t always in a harsh tone, even when her fury seems to be harshly sweeping through; even when we may not have a kind word to offer her.

During my gathering time outside and after my comment which I canceled, I noticed the little bleeding hearts I’d planted. Cadbury, the dog, had trampled them weeks ago breaking their fragile limbs. Shortly after Cadbury, BabyCat found the broken limbs and withering leaves fun items to bat and pounce on. Yes, they were still damaged, torn, and crushed but to my surprise there were also new little hearts which had emerged from the wounds.

Oh, sweet Mother Nature, Mother Earth whispered to me and filled my own heart with her Motherly love. Through the trauma, neglect, abuse, out of wounds, despair, disfigurement these little bleeding hearts still bloomed. They didn't feel sorry for themselves, or too ugly, or useless. No they saw their own strength, their own beauty, they knew of their divinity and their place in this world; they heard their call and answered, quietly, silently amongst the howling wind and against the sprinklers water burst; knowing maybe no one will notice them, no one will hear them, no one will care; yet they created and bloomed anyway.

I am grateful, honored, and blessed that I was able to notice, to hear, to relate, to learn; yes may I learn.

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