Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elixir or Cake

Elixir or cake? Both! Yes, both are necessary if traveling down, down, down the rabbit’s hole. Today I shall eat cake for I am ready to go on a BIG adventure; actually a couple of big adventures.
In this, my 49th year journey, silly as it sounds, I wonder who I am. I have mentioned this before. It’s not the givens of who I am but who I am deep within. I can’t possibly be the only one who hears the whisper from within calling, “who are you.” It is as the Psalmist wrote, “Deep calleth unto deep…” (Psalms 42:7) Deep is whispering, calling unto me to go deeper; deeper down into the rabbit hole of self. It is a whisper which has become so constant and intriguing I can no longer ignore it. I guess I could say it has made me curiousor and curiousor.
This week I met up with a new friend, an American Hero, who returned home from Afghanistan with substantial injuries, one of which includes missing his right leg above the knee. He competes in marathons using a hand trike. I have a broken down, cumbersome one which has been parked forever in my barn. He has two, light weight very fast working ones and offered to take me out; give me a few tips and ride; and ride I did. It was a most invigorating, heart pumping, awesome push, wild adventure of which I have so much about it to tell. But for now, I want to express the BIGness, the big thought of this big adventure beyond the big story it has to offer; and that is, I’d like to do a marathon. Yeah, now that’s really going deep down the rabbit’s hole for me and taking a bite of cake.
The other big adventure this week is beginning an online workshop called BIG. BIG is, well, the creator of BIG, Connie, describes it best, “BIG is part one of the FEARLESS ™Painting Adventure! This six week online adventure strengthens your intuition, teaches you to paint FEARLESSly, and guides you into a deeper discovery of yourself and your creative juicy life.” See, perfectly explained and perfectly what I’m seeking. In following Connie’s blog, I sensed her beauty which simply radiates though her, her art, and her willingness to share of herself. You can find out more about Connie, check out her online workshops, and view her artful life at . The introduction of BIG has already called me to go deep; to take a bite of cake.

The BIG part about both of these BIG adventures is commitment. I must be willing to be committed to myself, to the whisper, the calling to go deeper down the rabbit’s hole. I must be committed to expose myself, to share, to feel, to be a witness, to experience a sacred journey of heart, and maybe even venture back to places I have come over the past 49 years.  I look forward to all of what these adventures have to offer and pray I will offer of myself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually all that I have, to them; calling upon bravery and courage. And, at the same time, be open to any other big things which may come my way; to any other whispers calling me to go deep, tempting me to take a bite of cake.

I want to part today with the definition of elixir because I don’t want any reader, especially myself to think of a shrinking Alice. Yes, we do, at times, need to go small as a retreat within, but here is what an elixir is: “a substance held capable of turning metals into gold; a substance held capable of prolonging life indefinitely; cure-all; the essential principal.”

To life, LIFE BIG and life small, filled with plenty of elixir and cake and the wisdom to know when to partake.

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