Friday, March 18, 2011

A Morning Hawk

There are window pane doors on all four sides of my house. Early this morning, when the earth was not yet colored by the sun and while the coffee brewed; I sat looking south out the kitchen door. Across the way there is an aged, but mighty elm tree which I have come to adore. This handsome tree reminds me of a wise old man whose limbs are bent and crooked from the passing years yet he continues to grow, reaching higher, fearlessly, honoring his Creator and Mother Earth doing what he has been called to do, display the seasons with splendor.  
This morning a large hawk was perched high upon this great elm. Majestically he sat occasionally preening himself. There were several other smaller, sparrow like birds around him. I wondered if they gathered near for protection or in admiration. Maybe they, like me, felt as if we were invited to spend these few moments and respectfully watch both elm and hawk.
The hawk turned his head to the east greeting the first of the sun’s rays which stretched up over the tops of Kolob. Then, as if given permission, gracefully he flew off. A few powerful pumps of his wings was all it took for him to soar into the day.
I felt as if I’d just witnessed something so profoundly hallowed. Pulling a few books and a quick search on the web I looked up the symbolism of a hawk. What I discovered was something needful for where I am on this 49th year journey. Here is what I found:
A hawk beckons us to express our higher calling while watching our surroundings so not to be diverted from our journey’s path. The hawk symbolizes the dawn and reminds us of the fresh start each day offers. Native Americans believe the crow and the hawk created the mountains of the Southwest. There is an ancient Egyptian depiction of the moon in which the left eye is a hawk.
Very, very, awesome; wouldn’t you agree?
I am bursting with so many things to journal about such as the moon, which is why the last bit of info was so cool to me. Tomorrow is not only a full moon, the Storm Moon, but it is a Super Moon, how exciting is that. So, I must write about the moon. And, Sunday, is Ostara or the Spring Equinox. There’s much in my head to journal about this as well. Then the workshop I mentioned in my last post begins on Sunday too. Oh, I can’t wait to start this new BIG adventure. I even hear the singing of a haiku in my head. Maybe you do too or you have some thought waiting to burst from you; if so let it form and share with me. But right now, there is a whisper calling me to go outside and play in the flower bed. So check back over the next few days and until then, enjoy all of which today and the hawk have to offer you this morning.

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