Monday, May 30, 2011


I don't know why it is that there are times when all the things I have to say just seem to pleasantly flow with ease and then there are times, such as has been for the past two weeks, when, with all the things I have to say, absolutely none of it seems to find a voice. There is much in my head to write about, much to discuss with those of you who find your way here, much which causes me to be curiouser and curiouser, much, so very much and yet, when I sit to write, nothing comes out, no flow, no cause, no voice.

Today, however, requires something, some reflection, some stammering, some voice must be released even if it is not sure how to articulate itself. For today, Memorial Day, gives us all pause to think of those who serve, have served, have returned from active duty missing limbs, suffer other severe injuries, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedoms. I have lifted in thought my brother-in-law, Ross; Dr. Martinez, one of my surgeons; Travis, my hand-cycle trainer/coach/friend, and so many others who I have the honor of knowing and who all have military service.

There is another whom I thought of several times today; he is someone I only met once when I was a young girl. He is a Vietnam Vet, I don't even know his name and yet I am very grateful for this one time meeting, a meeting I didn't even reflect upon until 14 years ago. This meeting is one of the many stories I have waiting to come out of my head, awaiting a voice. It is a story worth telling, preserving, memorializing; it needs a voice.

There is one more thing which I will forever reflect upon on Memorial Day. It was 14 years ago today when I had my accident. Fourteen years ago today was the last time I stood on my own two feet...oh so many things those feet, ankles, knees, legs had done for me, so many wonderful, taken for granted things. I never thought I would be separated from them, never thought they'd preceed me in death; and yet they have, 14 years ago today.

So, for now, I will think, reflect, remember...and trust the writing flow will commence soon for this and all the other stories, thoughts, curiosities, all which have made up my 49th year journey, all which are longing for their voice, for their Memorial Day.

The flag, posted on an old stubborn stump, waving proudly outside my old barn.
All three, the stump, barn, and flag have seen much, have much to say, and so much more to teach me.
May you have a reflective Memorial Day!

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